Just-In-Time training

The need to provide occupational safety and health training to skilled support personnel (SSP) who respond to emergency incidents is well recognized. This personnel are those individuals that provide specific skills needed by the emergency response organization during an emergency incident covering a wide range of job categories such as laborers, operating engineers, carpenters, ironworkers, sanitation workers and utility workers. Skilled support personnel are often exposed to the same hazards as first responders, but lack the instruction in hazard assessment and the wearing of appropriate personal protective equipment because their primary employment reinforces skill development, and the time and budget constraints of the private sector preclude similar preparedness for disaster sites.  Moreover, the diversity of potential disasters precludes skilled support personnel to be well prepared for any eventuality.  Even personnel with pre-incident general training would benefit from last-minute training on the personnel protective equipment, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and/or explosives agent(s) specific to the incident to which they have been assigned.  All these factors increase personal risk for them and mission risk at the incident site. 

This project seeks to remedy the above training shortfall by providing just-in-time training and information through mobile telephones by exploiting recent advances in distance learning and mobile communications devices and service infrastructure.  In addition to classroom training that SSP may receive, SSP on route to an incident site staging area or command post will have access to information about the emergency incident and focused learning modules (<5 minutes per module) specific to the incident event.


Just-in-Time Training System for Skilled Support Personnel
(training activity during an incident is chronologically enumerated) 
FORJAT presentation in IADIS 2007

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