Melomics started as a research project, partially funded by the Spanish Research Programme, and developed at the University of Malaga.


Melomics applies non-conventional evolutionary algorithms to creating original music without human intervention. Progress in this research has marked some milestones (in reverse chronological order):


- second album (MP3/MIDI) of popular music (audio/video format) (July 2014)

- publication of the repository (December 2013)

- empathic music for mobile apps (November 2013)

- first album of contemporary music (July 2012)


Melomics has delivered apps (free download and free service) to adapt music to daily activity (@life), for therapy (chronic pain and sleep disorders, emtcp), and to help children to fall asleep (duermeteya).


The algorithm operates on data structures (functioning as genomes) which indirectly encode the melodies: each genome undergoes an artificial developmental process to generate the corresponding song. As songs evolve, they are rendered in several formats: playable (MP3), editable (MIDI and MusicXML) and readable (score in PDF).


Melomics is known worldwide for having created avant-garde computer-musicians Iamus and Melomisc109. All their music has been made freely downloadable in a huge repository, under CC0 license (public domain, meaning FREE and no restrictions).


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