MatSprings: Matlab 3D spring truss simulator

MatSprings is a 3D spring truss simulator specially developed for theLiving Matter Initiative. It can be used to simulate the physics ofstructures that are modeled as networks of springs. The simulatorimplements spring forces (elongation +damper), as well as medium and floor friction and gravity. It has beencoded in Matlab(Mathworks Inc) and uses the odexx function to solve thedifferenttial equations. See below an animated truss computed withMatSprings.


For reference purposes and further information, please use the following citation: 

D. Lobo and F.J. Vico, Evolutionary development of tensegrity structuresBioSystems 101(3), pp. 167-176, 2010.


You can download MatSprings under the GPL v3 license from here .