MatEvoDevo: Matlab Evo-Devo simulator

MatEvoDevo is an evolutionary developmental simulator written in Matlab. It can be used to simulate evolutionary developmental processes, where locomotive multicellular organisms are modeled and physically-simulated as networks of springs. The software is implemented in a modular way, in order to easily adapt its different components to any requirements. The fitness function included tests the capability of the organisms to follow a path (see below for an example). The software is ready to use, including two easy examples for visualizing an organism behavior and running an evolutionary process. Additionally, the software is already adapted to benefit from running in a computer cluster or a multi-core computer.


For reference purposes and further information, please use the following citation:

D. Lobo and F.J. Vico, Evolution of form and function in a model of differentiated multicellular organisms with gene regulatory networksBioSystems 102(2-3), pp. 112-123, 2010. 


You can download MatEvoDevo, under the GPL v3 license, from here.